Personal SMS Gateway API

PSMSG turns your cellular phone into a real working sms gateway service. Made for developers PSMSG plugs into the sms capabilities of your cellphone and simply routes the desired messages as needed. PSMSG was intentionally built for text message validations, but it can be used for other use-cases, for example: user sms reminders.

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PSMSG Basic Overview

Phone Number Validation

The basic overview for a phone number validation using the PSMSG API goes as follows:
(For a more complete guid, more can be found once downloaded)

  1. User submits their number from your app to PSMSG, this is the validation request.
  2. PSMSG receives your app's validation request, generates then sends the validation code via text message from your cellphone.
  3. The user receives the text message, enters the validation code then submits the code back to PSMSG where it determines if the validation passed or failed.

You can then view all the logs in the PSMSG dashboard

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Project Launched: March 2016

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