Beef is a side-scrolling, multi-platformer, action/shooter game. The objective is to defeat the opposing team, Android users versus IOS users. The winning team is determined by who holds the highest score by the end of each week.

Beef is more than your typical side-scroller app. We've added a bunch of cool features to keep the user engaged, while maintaining the simple pick up and play aspect of a side scolling app.

Some of the added features:

  • Customizable Attacks
  • Customizable Characters
  • Maps
  • Item Collecting
  • Boss Battles
  • Environment Changes
  • and many more on the way...
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Beef also features what I like to call a "some what seemless" profile system. What this is all about, is a automatically generated profile account whenever a user downloads the app. The user of course has the option to change their profile credientials & whenever they like.


We've included an in-game leaderboard. Users from both teams can see where they rank up against the top players. I currently hold the number 1 spot for team Android ;P. I challenge you to best my score!
Username: Alien


Beef also features a in-game store, with two different currencies. The basic currency (parts) is collected through the process of playing the game. The other currency (rare parts) is collected if the user's team wins the weekly battle, or by purchasing it through in-app purchases. These currencies are used to enhance the gaming experience.

Project Launched: May 2017

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